Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Les Productions CRW présentent
Mr.Kennedy Live!
Le Dimanche 1er Novembre 2009
Portes: 13h30, Gala: 14H30
12$ où 7$ pour les 13 ans et moins

Carte Partielle

Main Event
Le Champion Québécois de la CRW Darkko vs Mr. Ken"Kennedy"Anderson

Combat en Simple
Pauly Platinum vs Sylvain Grenier

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tad said...

I was wondering if some one could help. I am keen to buy some grenier dvds NCW dose not sell on line,,,at least if they do I havent worked it out..they say to contact the publicist about dvds I have emailed a few times and had no reply if someone could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it
thanks in advance....I REALLY want some Sylvan hehe