Monday, September 28, 2009

There's more than one way to please a crowd...

PCO cleans house at Friday's TOW show - a great return to old style heeling by La Resistance.

Review - La Resistance returned to their old heeling ways Friday at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau and what a welcome sight it was.

It's an old formula but it works everytime. The heels (Grenier and Conway) picked on the fan favorite (mystery star Al Snow and a 'little head'), pummelled and exhausted him with all sorts of dirty work. Despite his partner (PCO) protests and several clean tags that the ref didn't see, the face-in-peril was brought to the verge of defeat and the crowd to the extreme edge of frustration. Finally, the heels outsmarted themselves, over-reached, giving the face-in-peril a chance to tag in his tag partner. As the crowd hit the proverbial roof, an enraged PCO took to the ring, cleaning house, banging heads and taking numbers, finally nailing Grenier with a punishing cannon-ball splash from the top turnbuckle.

If there's one criticism of the finish on Friday, its that Grenier and Conway's got off too lightly - a more extended and 'punishing' finale for their heeling ways would have taken this match from good old familiar to something truly memorable. With the master of finishes (Pat Patterson) in the house, we were execting more. Still it's a welcome return to their bad ways for La Resistance. Grenier clearly knows that there's more than one way to please a crowd and being fan-favorite isn't necessarily the best.

Full report of the show is here
Full photo coverage here

The defeated heels slink off, nursing their sores.

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