Monday, September 7, 2009

CRW - Darko monsters the opposition ....

image by Minas Panagiotakis - FULL PHOTO COVERAGE HERE

The long-awaited grand finale

What follows will change the face and fans of the CRW forever.

"The champion Jeremy" The Prophet vs Sylvain Grenier vs The Giant Tomassino.

The Prophet arrives first, still in great shape. He is followed Sylvain Grenier. The Giant Tomassino is last ... but where is Tomassino?

The crowd is silent as a black figure enters the ring. The MC has no choice but to hand over the microphone.

The stranger explains that the Giant Tomassino is no longer of this world; he has been kidnapped by the children of darkness, demons.

A giant, Darko the Dark. comes out dressed in a long black coat, with a strange mask and a stretcher.

Sylvain and Jeremy do not know what to make of this creature climbing into the ring to confront them.

By mutual agreement, both try to take down Darko. He is struck in the legs, but gets up quickly. What can they do?

After Sylvain is thrown outside, Darko finishes off The Prophet. He destroys him using ... not one .... not two.... but three "Chokeslams. Jeremy is not moving and we have a new Quebec champion "Darko". It is he who will defend the belt CRW September 25 during the TOW Gala.

Darko has not finished with Prophet. He fetches the stretcher, he opens a large white bag. The crowd is stunned and silent as Darko inserts the former champion into the body bag. The Prophet leaves the ring on the stretcher.

Winner and new champion: Dark Darko

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