Saturday, September 5, 2009

CRW Quebec Title - 6 September, 2009

Jeremy Prophet (c) vs Tomassino vs Sylvain Grenier

Arguably the biggest match in CRW's short history, this match was not originally intended to be the way it is now. Having defeated Alex Silva to become the Undisputed CRW Quebec champion Jeremy Prophet vowed to be a fighting champion and defend against all who sought to become champion. The one man above all others who sought this was the man who has achieved more than anyone in Quebec wrestling, former WWE Superstar and former 4 time world champion Sylvain Grenier. Prophet was more than glad to accept the challenge. All seemed set until the near 7 foot giant Tomassino demanded he get his title shot. Being that it was what the fans wanted, Prophet did not hesitate to accept and stated that he was not afraid of the giant Tomassino. The outcome of this match is sure to shape the direction of the entire CRw organization. Can even the combined efforts of Jeremy Prophet and Sylvain Grenier be enough to stop the giant? Will the two fan favorites be able to coexist? Will there be a new champion? Or will Jeremy Prophet prove that he does not need to be the odds on favorite to be victorious?

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