Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sly on the whole Effing Show ....

Sly comes on at the half way through the show .....

He wasn't released because of steroids - there's nothing illegal in being on the Signature Pharmacy list. Asked if he ever did steroids, Sylvain says he was a customer of Signature but he never did anything illegal. Also, he wasn't released because he refused to do a job for Kane. He's happy to do jobs. He was released because he hadn't been used for some time - it's a game of opportunity and maybe he missed his opportunity.

He will be working as La Resistance in Japan and the indy scene but with Rob Conway not Rene Dupree. La Resistance with both guys (Dupree and Conway) was great. And his relationship with Rob remains great. Rob came in as a La Resistance member after Sylvain broke his neck and was out for 6 months up to Wrestlemania 20. After WMXX, Rene was traded to Smackdown and Rob and Sylvain stayed with Raw. Working in the indies, they'll change the name to 'The Resistance' because WWE owns the copyright to the French version.

When questioned about Pat Patterson, Sly says he actually played golf with him last week but Pat is in Florida and he is in Montreal - he always takes his advice and Pat is a great help

In summary, Sylvan has only been in the business 5 years total, its early in his career, and he's looking forward to developing and maturing further on the Japan and indie scene.

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