Sunday, September 16, 2007


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Que fera Sylvain Grenier dans la GEW?
Maintenant que Sylvain a un peu de temps libre, il viendra le passer à la GEW. Personne ne sait encore ce qu'il tentera d'accomplir mais une chose est sur . Son arrivé sera frappante. Qui osera se dresser dans son chemin?

Samedi 15 septembre
Ecole secondaire Sacré Cœur, Granby

Sylvain Grenier issued two challenges at last night's 'Showdown', his first in-ring appearance for Canada's GEW promotion.

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The first challenge was to Monsieur Robert, heel owner of GEW (in the pink shirt above) - and is scheduled for November 17th in Granby.

M. Robert

The second challenge, scheduled for Granby, December 15th, is for M. Robert's heel ally, Outback John Dundee (centre, above and below).

Outback John

My prediction for November 17 is a brutal beatdown on Sly by Messrs Robert and Dundee, leaving Sly laid out cold and his ladies-man image in tatters.
(Fashion note to Sly - ladies-men dont wear square cuts!)

Then at Christmas Carnage, a tag match with a mystery partner (revealed just before the fight as none other than ... Rob Conway!).

Together, La Resistance, manage to outheel the heels, in a brutal match, that will leave the fans gasping for more in the new year.

So how should Sly in GEW differ from his WWE persona?

This time the WWE 'Model' gimmick should disguise, behind the babyface, a brutal Philly ECW style drag 'em out fighter who takes no prisoners.

That will (a) break stereotype, (b) the brutality will be good for DVD sales among ROH/ECW fans [and everyone else bored with WWE's predictable made-for-TV booking] (c) generate interest in Japan and, in time, WWE. After all, there's no reason why Sly couldn't beat Triple H with his own sledgehammer. It's only 'make believe'!


msclmassage said...

How about real wrestling and forget the 'brutal' part of it?

There is enough wild fake or semi fake brutal wrestling already on the other TV shows!

Missy said...

Woo Hoo! Great to see Sly back in action. Thanks for the hot pics!

I hope that Sylvain and Rob do team up in Dec. - that would be awesome!