Friday, November 25, 2011

CWI Wrestling - Fall Invasion Tour * Nov 19th, 2011 * Caledonia, ON

EventCWI Fall Brawl II
Promotion:Championship Wrestling International
Location:Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
Arena:Caledonia Fairgrounds

RIP Impact def. Hornet

Joey Valentyne def. Mike Hart

Sane def. Scotty Turner

Ethan Page w/Leah Von Dutch def. RJ City

Robbie MacAllister explained that he was now Robert "Guillotine" Graham, and he and Bruiser Bolen would be challenging for the tag titles in a tournament final against D-X Members X-Pac & Billy Gunn. Card changed around, and that the team was known as MUTINY. Graham continued to introduce the 48% shareholder of CWI.... HIMSELF!

Bushwhacker Luke/Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake def. Masked Assasins

Raven's Rules Match
Raven def. Boris Breshnev


Val Venis def. "Masterpiece" Chris Masters
-Post Match Venis cut a promo about how he used to wrestle Masters and he has come a long way. Masters shook his hand but beat him down afterwards.

MUTINY (Bolen & Graham) def. D-X (X-Pac & Billy Gunn) to become new CWI Tag Champions.

Nick Nitro came out and said he was still the majority holder, that the Nasty Boys were the number 1 contenders and the match would happen right now.

Nasty Boys def. MUTINY (c) to become new CWI Tag Champions

Tatanka def. Sylvain Grenier
Grenier used his Quebec flag on Tatanka after "accidently" colliding with the ref & taking him out of play. A second ref came in and counted the pin but Tatanka kicked out. Grenier was incensed and punched out the second ref. Tatanka hit his "End Of The Trail" on Grenier and a groggy 1st ref counted the pin.

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