Sunday, March 20, 2011


Résultats de TUW March Madness V - 19 mars 2011

Franky The Mobster beat Sylvain Grenier.  
Special Referee - Adam Dreed: 

Grenier came to the ring wearing the WWE World Tag Team Champion, reminding the fans that they're here to see a champion. During the match special referee Adam Dreed gets sandwiched in the corner by Franky and Grenier and crumbles to the mat. Grenier  goes for his finisher on Franky and a new referee makes the 2-count.  An enraged Grenier KO's the referee. Franky goes for the Credibility Statement on Sylvain and a second referee makes the 2-count. Franky gets rid of the new referee and Sylvain takes the opportunity to superkick Franky. Sylvain encourages Adam Dreed to snap out of it and regain control of the match. Dreed gets angry and pushes Sylvain Grenier. Grenier turns round into a Spear from Franky, followed by the 3 count. After the match, Franky asks the crowd to be courteous to Sylvain Grenier and wish him well on his way back to Montreal. The crowd replies with the "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" to end March Madness V. Great to see Sylvain int he heel role again.

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