Monday, November 15, 2010


American Wrestling Rampage
Twisted Steel Tour 2010
13/11/2010 à Grenoble, France
2500 approx.
Images by Walid Nordine Hamrit

- Sandman defeated Lord Paul Tracey (accompanied by Philippe) with a cane shot.
- La Resistance addressed the French audience but Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas sneak attacked from behind and challenged them to a fight later in the evening.
- Johnny Moss, Chris Raab and Omen (accompanied by Rachelle St. Claire) defeated Shawn Maxer, Dunky D and Kai.
- Scott Steiner insulted France saying that the United States is the best. Booker T challenged him to a cage match.
- Daivari retained his title after countering the Shooting Star Press of CAP- Booker T defeated Scott Steiner in a cage match.
- Shanna Hunter def. April after a Killswitch
- La Resistance defeated Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas after a Voodoo splash by Rene Dupree.

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