Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bring on the brass knucks Sylvain.....

Former WWE tag team champion Sylvain Grenier will make his Ring of Honor debut on April 17 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to oppose the ROH tag champions in a six-man tag match.

Grenier will team with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards to face ROH tag champions Kevin Steen & El Generico, who are from Quebec, and their tag partner, Bryan Danielson.

Video below is of Steen & Generico accepting the challenge in French, with a cameo from Bryan Danielson in English.

Sylvain says he's the best wrestler in Quebec. Steen challenges him to a tag team match, and Sylvain accepts and choses the American Wolves as his partners. Steen said that that wasn't a problem, because he and Generico didn't need partners. They bring on Dragon and you can guess the rest.

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