Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally, The Sly has broken the mould......

In his most recent encounter with the Hangman Samson, Sly Grenier used interference, folded chairs and finally the Hangman's noose, for a TKO and the start of a new career as a hard core hero.

The images by Minas Panagiotakis (above and below and in the gallery - here) tell the story - my only quibble being that, with Samson all tied up, why did Sly stop there ... why not take to him with a folded chair in the style of the Sheik or Dick the Bruiser - stunning the crowd with endless brutality on an already limp opponent. That's how they did it OLD SCHOOL and people are still talking about it!!

Don't talk to him, Sly - hit him with a folded chair!!

Also, maybe its time for Sly to make that noose his own gimmick - look how much mileage Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen got out of old rope and a cowbell. The possibilities are endless and the hangman's rope a useful replacement for those La Res flag poles in abetting more ring mischief.

Full marks to Grenier for his new departure - let's hope he ratchets up the violence one more notch at each of his upcoming shows, starting with Triple Menace this Friday, 27 February at the Centre Fleurimont.

Finally, a word of congratulations to Samson who always looks the part and kept up the pace throughout this exciting match

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Juan Lopez said...

Epic! Where can we find the video, please?