Monday, January 26, 2009

SLY by name….PUNK by nature?

Images by Minas Panagiotakis - go here for the full shoot

Grenier and Samson used all levels of the ring, plus chairs and ropes .....

while the noose creates mayhem....

Reviewed by Postal

Sylvain Grenier, NCW Champion vs Samson
January 24, 2009

This match worked very well at a number of levels –

(1) First, the v.credible look of the champ and his opponent –

(a) Samson has a great look and a great gimmick; the hangman’s noose has all sorts of possibilities for mayhem – personally, I’d rethink the tie-die ring costume, book a few gym sessions to get rid of THE BELLY and LOVE HANDLES, and at all costs keep the hair (Samson and Delilah... hair vs hair, somewhere down the line). Samson has the (potential) physique, the moves, the gimmick, the facial gestures, and with a costume makeover and a little attention to detail, will go a very long way…..

(b) Sly as a sort of 'tweener plays to his local fan base, but with the possibility of turning nasty at any moment. The white ring gear adds to the ambiguity –but a more ambiguous purple (a la Model) or bright yellow (Shane Douglas/ECW) would better complete the dangerous look. Given Sly’s physique and good looks, I'd recommend more contemporary C.M.Punk ‘Dangerous-Dirty-Sexy’ tight lycra-'n-studs ring-gear. Meanwhile, at all costs, ditch the plastic diapers Sylvain!!

(2) the booking - initially a singles re-match with Samson vying to regain the NCW title, resulting in an indeterminate outcome followed by a ring invasion, followed by a tag - followed by another indeterminate outcome. Doesn't matter if it sounds like Dusty booking, the match provided three layers of storytelling – complex and exciting; the ‘outcomes’ helped (i) set up Sly’s match against Novo Cain at Blizzard 7 February, 2009, (ii) progress the Samson/Sly feud to the next level (21 Feb, hopefully?) and (iii) provide a backdrop for Sly vs Paysan at CRW Le Retour 22 February, 2009.

(3) Story arc? –so where is this all heading. In the last few weeks we saw Sylvain regress from thumbtacks to cream cake – not a great progression but entertaining never the less – the noose tonight had all sorts of possibilities and helped set up a number of good spots; the ring was used at all levels – inside, outside, even occasionally off the turnbuckle. I’d like more of the guardrails, chairs, ropes, turnbuckles, tables, even brass knucks –adding layers to the multi levelled booking. At the same time, I'm rooting for a CMPunk/Shane Douglas/Model Martel/Sly Grenier fusion at the end of the current story arc. And another great Canadian heel for TNA or WWE.

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Juan Lopez said...

Great! Where can we watch that match Sylvain vs Samson? Thanks