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NCW - Resultats du 10 Janvier 2009 Montreal, Qc

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Resultats du 10 Janvier 2009
Montreal, Qc

Project 13 battent Adrian O'Ryan & TNT

Pretty In Pink battent Le Soviete Masqué & Anna Minoushka pour rester Champion Par-Équipe de la nCw

Black Eagle bat Electrico & Diablero

Haiduk & Busty Love battent Cobra & Jay Phenomenom

Those Guys battent Viento & Fuego

Jake Matthews bat Jeff Johnson

Samson & Nova Cain battent Urban Miles & Tank

Sylvain Grenier bat Chakal pour rester Champion Quebecois de la nCw

Sylvain Grenier vs Chakal in a fight for the Quebec championship
Busty Love and Los Elementos brought a birthday cake for Chakal before the beginning of this match. After an apparent pin by Chakal with the ref down, Chakal grabs the belt but gets smacked in the face with his famous birthday cake. As Sylvain exits the arena he is confronted by a hanging rope suspended from the ceiling of the Center NDR - trademark of former NCW champion Samson - will Samson be next challenger for the title?

Sylvain Grenier © bat Chakal dans un combat de championnat Québécois
Busty Love et Los Elementos ont apportés un gâteau d’anniversaire à Chakal avant le début de ce match. Victoire convaincante de Sly sur Chakal qui n’a pas pu profiter de la présence de Bishop qui a été chassé par Project 13 et qui laissa le guerrier des temps des modernes le visage couvert de son fameux gâteau d’anniversaire. Au moment où Sylvain Grenier célébrait sa victoire dans le ring, une corde de pendaison est apparue descendant du plafond du centre NDR…

Feedback on the match
Checkez ben les jokes à thème capillaire de Blondin la semaine prochaine...
Sly was sporting a new hair cut for a part in a local French production in Montreal - a great look if SG is truly tracking hard-core ! The match was just 10 minutes - the belt on the turnbuckle was potentially a great weapon, with further scope for rails, ropes, chairs, and tables to up-the-ante - instead they settled for a birthday cake!! - a great tease during the match but not exactly a step up from thumb tacks at TOW last week. I like the new hard core direction for Sly - its one that can take him back to WWE if used properly. It calls for a year long plan with a gradually hardening of the new persona. The next match with Samson has all the potential for a hard core extravaganza.

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