Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PWB Hotline: Sylvain Grenier, October 14, 2008

Former WWEvsuperstar and current TNA Impact! French-language commentator Sylvain Grenier joined Lex on the latest edition of the PWB Podcast Hotline. Grenier discussed several topics, including:
  • Growing up watching wrestling in Montreal
  • His favorite wrestler growing up
  • How he got his WWE contract
  • Reffing a match between Hulk Hogan and The Rock at No Way Out 2003
  • The La Resistance gimmick and the heel heat it generated
  • The “Sylvan” gimmick
  • His favorite matches from his time in the WWE
  • His constant repackaging in WWE
  • Serving as French-language commentator for TNA Impact! in Canada
  • A potential wrestling gig with TNA
  • The current Canadian indy scene
  • Georges St.-Pierre
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