Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IWS Praise the Violence

Saturday, January 26th, 2008
The Medley, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Attendance: 509

Kevin Steen pinned Franky the Mobster at 10:49 reversing Franky's attempt at a choke-slam power-bomb into a pin.

It was a physically gruelling match with Sylvain Grenier giving and taking a great deal of punishment.

".... the first thing that everyone who was at Praise the Violence says is some version of a compliment about how physical and good Sylvain Grenier was. Sly fought like a man who understood that the IWS title is the most important title in Canada and one of the most important on the independent wrestling scene. ....."

Kevin Steen pinned Manny at 9:49 to become the new IWS Champion after giving Manny two Package Pile Drivers. During the match, Manny also fell through four tables after Kevin blocked Manny's attempt to suplex him off the balcony.

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