Sunday, September 23, 2007


MONTREAL - International Wrestling Syndicate
Saturday night 9/22/07- Show name "Blood, Sweat and Beers"
Before a crowd of more than 600 fans

The show featured former WWE tag team champion Pierre-Carl Ouellet and Quebec veterans Jake Matthews and Brick Crawford against Team 3-D (The Dudley Boyz) and the very charismatic Franky the Mobster.

After the main match, Ouellet took the mike to say that no one is bigger and better than him in Montreal, that he is a former three-time WWE tag team champion, a former WCW Hardcore champion, that he wrestled for ECW, TNA and in Puerto Rico and basically no one had such a resume in the province of Quebec.

The lights went down at this very moment and only two words appeared on the giant screen and these words were: Sylvain Grenier! His Resistance theme music started playing and a very pumped up Sylvain Grenier made his IWS first appearance as he went head to head with PCO. He got a very good reaction from the crowd that quite frankly didn’t see this one coming. Even though Grenier had been criticized over the past years for his tenure in WWE, he received an excellent welcome as his arrival on the Quebec indy scene was waited ever since he got released by WWE.

Grenier stated that he was also a former WWE Tag Team champion and that he will be more than pleased to show Ouellet how tough he can be at the next Medley show, January 26, 2008.

Sylvain Grenier surprise attacks PCO.

Ouellet and Grenier went at it afterwards, but the brawl was stopped by referees and security.

future shows:November 3rd, 2007 Freedom to Fight at Bogey’sDecember 1st, 2007 Season’s Beatings at Bogey’sJanuary 26th, 2008 Praise the Violence at the Medley

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